Call for Papers

The submission of „poster” presentations is open till 09.02.2020.

To submit an abstract for a “poster” presentation, please follow the instructions on the “REGISTRATION” page.

Signing up for “WORKSHOPS” is done via the Conftool.

Conference Topics

The 53rd Annual Conference of the German Society of Mass Spectrometry DGMS including 27th ICP-MS User’s Meeting 2020 will feature a host of sessions, stimulating the discussion around the following mass spectrometry related topics: 

  • affinity mass spectrometry
  • environmental and forensic mass spectrometry
  • instrumentation – ion sources and analyzers
  • instrumentation – new developments
  • instrumentation and application of MS imaging
  • ion physics and ion chemistry – basic research
  • ion physics and ion chemistry – applications
  • lipidomics: techniques and applications
  • mass spectrometry in physics
  • metabolomics: techniques and applications
  • natural product mass spectrometry
  • proteome analysis – basic research
  • proteome research – applications in biology and biochemistry
  • proteome research – clinical applications
  • structural and functional proteomics
  • others
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: elemental imaging
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: analysis of nanomaterial
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: element and speciation analysis / metallomics
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: isotope dilution analysis
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: stable isotopes and forensic analyses
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: instrumental development
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: sample preparation and introduction
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: solid sample analysis
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: geological and environmental sciences
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: quality assurance and reference materials
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: others